Metabolic Whiplash

*Sorry for the late post. I’ve had some issues with migraines lately and looking at a computer screen definitely doesn’t help!

“Metabolic Whiplash” is a humorous term coined by my co-worker for the hard time we seem to have returning to normal eating after indulging a bit too much, usually in reference to the holidays and other special occasions. I don’t know about you, but I am still having a hard time after Thanksgiving. Even though I didn’t indulge too much, the extra sugar over a few days has done a number on me. I find my hunger has increased, as well as my sugar cravings! I completely acknowledge that I am to blame because I have answered many of the hunger cries and sugar cravings, so I keep perpetuating the problem. I plan to get control of that this week (just in time for it to come back around for Christmas!)!

Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers

How do I plan to help get control over this monster?

  1. Get enough sleep. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep cause changes in brain activity that can lead us to feel hungrier and more intense food cravings.
  2. Continue to eat complex carbohydrates and a high amount of protein while reducing added sugar. I generally try to do this as a rule, but I have definitely been eating more sugar of late, and that could be taking the place of more nutrient-dense food. Sugar can interfere with your appetite, while complex carbs (thanks to fiber) and high protein intake can help quell it.
  3. Continuing to exercise, especially at a higher intensityVigorous exercise dulls your appetite, while moderate exercise stimulates it (this is the reason many runners can gain weight while training for long races, despite their large caloric deficit). Since I tend to get bored easily, I already incorporate a lot of HITT (high intensity interval training) during my weekly workouts.
  4. Reduce stress to the best of my ability. I am not generally one to stress much, but work has been busier lately and the holidays, as fun as they are, can add a certain amount of stress. In addition to increasing your risk of heart disease (yikes!), stress can increase hunger and contribute to belly fat.

Has anyone else been experiencing Metabolic Whiplash? Are you going to try to get control over it soon or just ride it out until the new year?


One thought on “Metabolic Whiplash

  1. […] shorter days, my body has not been acting like itself. I was just about recovered from my holiday metabolic whiplash, when the Super Bowl and my birthday came along, and I was happy to have an excuse to indulge […]

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