Friday Favorite: Shea Moisture Lotion (+ Quick Update)

Happy Friday!

Here we are at the end of the first full week of the new year! One of the things that is always synonymous with the new year for me is DRY SKIN! Granted, it probably did start back in November when the heat had to be on constantly, but it’s now had a couple of months to fester.

The worst part is my legs. I can remember winters where they would get incredibly itchy, enough to make you go crazy, and I’d cave and start scratching them (isn’t that initial feel just heaven?) and then be left with even drier and more sensitive skin. When I was young, my mom would put the lotion in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up and then put it on my legs for me. Aren’t moms the best?

Needless to say, I’m always on the lookout for a good body cream. I had been going back and forth between Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion and Shea Butter & Vitamin E Fragrance Free Body Lotion because I like to use natural products. I realized I had run out, so while I was at CVS, I went to purchase more, but the price seemed much higher than I remember. I looked around for a while before I came upon this:

Shea Moisture front

It’s SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Body Lotion. The price was right (less than Burt’s Bees), as was the product itself. In keeping in line with my New Year goal to reduce my exposure to pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and other toxins, the product doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, DEA, PABA, synthetic fragrance or artificial color. They also do not participate in animal testing.

Shea Moisture back 1

The story of the company goes, “Sofi Tucker began selling shea nuts at the village market in Bonthe, Sierra Leone in 1912. By age 19, the widowed mother of four was selling her shea butter and African black soap all over the countryside. Sofi Tucker was our grandmother, and SheaMoisture is her legacy. We proudly create culturally-authentic, time-tested skin and hair care remedies from family recipes using all-natural and fair trade ingredients.”

This particular lotion is incredibly thick and moisturizing, yet absorbs pretty quickly. I haven’t had any itchy episodes since I started using this cream and I am very thankful for that. My only problem with the product is that it’s so thick that I have a hard time squeezing it out the bottle (hence why it looks all beat up in the pictures). I have resorted to storing it upside down and taking off the cap and sticking in my fingers to pull out the lotion when I put it on after my shower. I think it would work better if it came in a tub.

Now, a quick update on my plantar fasciitis and return to running.

I was able to complete stage 6 yesterday! I’m a little superstitious about marking it as complete on my handy chart since I’m having a little discomfort today, but pretend there’s a 1/9 in that row below. Maybe because it was the first time I ran without having KT tape on?

RTR stage 6

I figured out that I’m not getting a good GPS signal on the track, which is why the mileage was so off on my RunKeeper app. I’ve guesstimated my mileage based on my approximate speed while walking and running. I’ve had to adjust my mileage a few times since November, but I think I’m up to a total of approximately 1.65 mi.

Mileage increase 1-9

I think I may try to venture outside for my next run since the roads are finally cleared of snow. I had been hesitant because roads can be harder on your feet, but after trying to dodge the gym’s youth switm team and other people not aware of track etiquette (talking on cell phones, walking two or three abreast, etc.), I think a trial outside would be good for my sanity! Plus, my gym hasn’t changed the direction of the track, so I don’t want to get another overuse injury!

Some questions: Do you need to switch up your winter routine because of dry skin? What are some of your favorite products? How do you feel about running on a track vs. outside vs. a treadmill, especially in the winter?

Have a great weekend!


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