Friday Favorite: Gaiam BalanceBall Desk Chair

Happy Friday, everyone!

I am so glad it’s Friday! It’s just been one of those weeks. I’ve been really tired the past two days for no reason and just a bit, well, blah. Just a case of the Januarys?


Thankfully, today’s Friday Favorite has helped with some of the fatigue. I’m talking about the gift I got for Christmas from Whole Health Husband, the Gaiam BalanceBall Desk Chair!

Gaiam BalanceBall Chair green

I’ve actually been wanting one for a while, but didn’t get one because I didn’t know what the reaction would be at work (i.e., safety-wise). WHH decided to take it upon himself to get it for me and I’m so glad he did! I think he was even a little sad when I brought it to work after I got the okay from my manager.

It feels so much better on my glutes and my hips don’t hurt at all. Another added benefit? I feel like I have more energy during the day. You know how you can sometimes turn into a work zombie when you’re stuck at the computer all day? Not with this chair! I’m thinking it has something to do with being more aware of your body in order to stay upright.

It was so popular that my co-worker promptly bought one in purple!

Gaiam BalanceBall Chair Purple

She also loves hers. They take up less room than a regular chair and you can easily adjust the firmness with the included pump. We usually sit upright without our backs on the support, but we’ll occasionally lean back to take a little break.

In return to running news (this seems to be a regular topic in my FFs now!), I seem to be stuck at stage six. Remember how I didn’t want to jinx myself last week by putting in the date I completed that stage? Well, it didn’t matter because I definitely haven’t passed it yet.

RTR stage 6

Like a good girl, I decided to do that stage again since my arch was feeling a bit iffy after last week’s run. I also resorted to using the KT tape again. The good news is that the weather has been so mild in Massachusetts this week that I was able to get outside for the workout.

Giddy to go on my first outdoor run since August.

Giddy to go on my first outdoor run since August.

I know that mixing up the surface may not have been the best idea, but I actually felt pretty good. It was refreshing to be outside instead of dodging people on a small track.

Feels like the spring

Better than a track any day.

Another plus to being outside? I was able to figure out my mileage instead of guessing because the GPS was finally working on my app. Assuming I’m going about the same speed outside as I am inside, or perhaps even a little slower given the inclines and wind factor, I’m actually closer to doing two miles in my workout. Not bad for doing a combination of walking and jogging for about 23 minutes!

Running Mileage Increase Week 8

I would have tried running again yesterday except I twerked tweaked my knee and didn’t think it would be a good idea to run on it. I actually messed up my knee on Saturday, but didn’t start feeling it until a few days later. Nothing major; it only hurts going up and down stairs. Since it didn’t go away in a few days, I decided rest and ice was in order. I’ve been resting since Wednesday, so I hope to be able to do something low impact tomorrow and perhaps try stage six (for the last time?!) on Sunday before the Patriots game.

Will you be watching the big game on Sunday? Who are you rooting for (please tell me the Patriots!)? Have you tried a balance ball as a chair? Would you?

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any other comments or questions!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Gaiam BalanceBall Desk Chair

  1. Hey hun, Just wanted to introduce myself I am apart of your SITS tribe group 🙂 HOLLA! Anyways I am loving the ball idea I so need this for my home office because I slouch and stoop all day long! Thanks for sharing xo C

    • Hi Courtney! Thanks for stopping by! You still definitely need to be aware of your posture when you’re using the ball, but I do feel that being aware of having to stay on it makes you more aware of your body in general.

  2. Stopping by from your SitsGirls Tribe! That ball looks like so much fun! What a great idea!


  3. […] class ended, I decided I would still go outside, and this time go for a walk. I love my BalanceBall chair, but sitting all day isn’t so healthy (and I do transition to a modified standing desk for a […]

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