Friday Favorite: KT Tape

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Don’t get me wrong–I’m not complaining! Did the week go by quickly for you, too?

Friday love

Today’s Friday Favorite shouldn’t come as any surprise to you since it’s been featured many times already. That’s right, I’m talking about KT Tape!

What is KT Tape? It’s an elastic sports/fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. Though I had heard of it a few years ago, I hadn’t tried it until I went to physical therapy last year. It entered the mainstream thanks to lots of coverage during the Olympics. Who can forget seeing it on the beach volleyball players?

KT tape beach volleyball Olympics


(As a side note, can I just say how incredible beach volleyball players are?! Talk about athletic! I always love watching this sport during the Olympics.)

Anyway, back on topic. I have found KT Tape to be extremely helpful in my recovery from plantar fasciitis. You can see all of my references to it here. There is some debate as to what KT Tape actually does and if it really does help. Even I was skeptical of using it at first. I say, try it out, and if it works, great. If not, you didn’t do any harm.

I use the regular KT Tape. They also offer KT Tape Pro, which lasts longer, and is synthetic instead of cotton, but is a bit more expensive. I have found the regular one to work just fine. I can wear it in the shower and it lasts for about three days. Plus, I have extremely sensitive skin and it has never bothered me.

KT tape roll

My first purchase was the pre-cut strips. I may buy the roll next time now that I’m more comfortable using the product. When you buy the pre-cut roll package (I bought mine at CVS, but will probably purchase on Amazon next time), it comes with the roll and a small instruction booklet. Luckily, plantar fasciitis is one of the taping methods they show. If your injury isn’t in the booklet, they have an extensive library of videos and pictures on their website.

KT tape packaging

The way I use it is a little differently than shown. I copy the way my physical therapist used it on me. First, take a strip from the roll (or cut 10″ from an un-cut roll and round the edges).

KT tape pre-cut strip

Take off a few inches of the backing on one end of the tape and place it on the arch of you foot, with the rest of the tape coming along the inside of your leg.

KT tape bottom of foot

Pull off a bit more of the backing and start to pull it tight once you come around the arch.

KT tape ankle

Keep pulling it tight all the way up the rest of your leg as you remove the remainder of the backing.

KT tape inside leg

Sorry it’s blurry–had a hard time holding tight while taking picture one-handed.

Once all of the tape is on your leg, check the placement and tightness. It’s fine to slowly peel it off and readjust if you need to. Once you like the placemt, start rubbing the tape onto your leg and foot to active the adhesive.

KT tape rubbing in

And there you have it:

KT tape on inside of leg

In an effort to conserve what I have left and to wean myself off of using it (I don’t want to have to rely on it forever!), I’ve been cutting the sheets in half. So far it’s worked well.

KT tape inside leg half

I was able to move on to stage 7 of Return to Running yesterday! A whole 2 minutes of running with 3 minutes of walking x4. Unfortunately, I had to be inside on the track because it was a bit too chilly outside for me.

Chilly outside 1/23

I actually get a kind of cold exercise-induced asthma when it gets below 20 degree F or so. Anyone else run into this problem?

Speaking of cold…look what I have to stick my elbow in for 20 minutes every day:

Bowl of ice

I’ve had a recurrence of tennis elbow and after three weeks of pain, I decided to seek out the help of a local chiropractor (my usual chiropractor’s chiropractor) who employs a variety of techniques, such as Graston and Active Release. He noted that my long-standing shoulder issue may have increased my vulnerability to injury in my elbow due to the way my body was compensating.

Frozen goosebump arm

Just a little red and chilly post-ice bath

The ice bath is killer for the first two minutes. As in, what you’re doing just feels wrong! Once you get to five minutes, it’s all just numb and it could stay in there indefinitely.

The chiropractor also mentioned that given I have a sub-clinical underactive thyroid that is being treated with medication and have had a variety of soft tissue injuries this past year, I may want to explore that avenue (hypothyroidism can cause a variety of muscle-related issues such as  general muscular weakness and pain; joint pain, achiness, and stiffness; tendonitis; and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Finally, someone who took my ENTIRE body into account, not just the specific injury!

Hypothyroidism body


First I’ll see how treatment goes with the elbow/shoulder before exploring that further. Don’t want to change too many things at once!

I was privileged to be included in a meeting yesterday that included representatives from two local colleges and a local bank. We will be working on combining our employee running groups. A colleague and I started one last September (yes, at the beginning of my PF), but with the shorter, busier days, members quickly dwindled. We were planning to try it again in the spring when this opportunity arose. Even though I’m generally a solo runner, I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. It’s always so great to meet other runners!

Questions: Any weekend plans? Have you used KT Tape? Are you in polar vortex part II? Anyone have an injury you just can’t shake? Do you have hypothyroidism symptoms even though you’ve been treated for it? Have you run with a group before? What did you like/dislike? Any suggestions for us?

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17 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: KT Tape

  1. I Am a huge KT tape fan. Really does help. Happy mending!

  2. Thanks for the post, very informative. I have tried to use KT tape but it pulls away really quickly, I am obviously doing it wrong, although I have looked at instructional videos. So it’s just sitting there in my drawer.

  3. Sending you wellness vibes towards mending! I will have to try that tape out looks really neat ❤

  4. I have never used KT Tape but I’ve heard good things about it!

  5. I have not used PT tape but both my husband and daughter have. Amazing how effective it is.

    I am more of a cat runner and prefer to run solo. I am surround by people all the time at home and work and a run is the only time I am completely alone by myself and prefer it that way. Same thing at the gym. Have my headphones on and am in my own world.

  6. […] my feet are getting confused between the two and I’m making things worse by switching. I used KT tape both times and I that think for the first time, it made things worse, so the KT tape is staying off […]

  7. Hi i have had Plantar fisciatis for years! This is what helps me :
    1. Before you get up from your bed, strech The foot muscle by holding your toes and gently pulling towards your knee whilst sitting on your bed for 40 seconds or so
    2. Then get up and strech your hamstrings by standing and placing your hands on the wall as if to push it over with the sore foot flat on the ground and one step back. This works wonders !
    3. At night while watching TV use a a hand held electric massager to help with circulation on the soles of your feet for a couple of minutes at least

    Cheers, Mara from Sydney

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