New Year’s Goals Check-In: January

So, how about them Broncos? Being a Pats fan, I really wanted to root against Peyton, but I’ve come to appreciate his talent over the years and found myself in a neutral position. I did actually feel bad for the Broncos after a while.

What about you? Were you rooting for a one of the teams? Did you have some good Super Bowl eats? We made BBQ pulled chicken potato skins with a big side salad. I just made up the recipe based on potato skins we had a few years ago here.

BBQ pulled chicken potato skins

I also made Run Eat Repeat’s “The Easiest Nutella Recipe of Your Life” for dessert that we ate warm with some vanilla ice cream. We definitely needed the ice cream because they came out a bit dry. I think it was the ground oats I added. I also cooked for 12 minutes, which may have been too much. But it was still Nutella, so still quite yummy!

Since it’s the beginning of a new month, I wanted to check in with our goals for the new year. Have you done the same? I’ve graded myself A-F on all of my goals. Here goes!

Personal Goals

  • Try a new trend/clothing item I wouldn’t normally: F

As you know, I hate shopping. Even though I desperately need pants, I haven’t gotten any yet. I used a ThredUp credit to buy a new sweater  (yet to arrive), but it’s not really outside my normal repertoire of looks.

Geeky chic?

Geeky chic?

  • Take more pictures: C+

I have definitely taken more pictures on account of the blog and because Crazy Running Girl recently convinced me to join Instagram. I uploaded and shared with family pictures that I took over Christmas and for my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday. We still have yet to make our free Shutterfly book. Must. Do! I would also really like to make a recap photo book of last year.

  • Make a new menu item weekly: B+

We have at least one new recipe each week, though we have not used the books that we received for Christmas. Most new recipes are variations of recipes we already make or are made-up recipes, such as my Super Bowl potato skins. We have also been bad about meal planning before going to the grocery store, and that’s an area I definitely want to improve in.

As mentioned above, I did use a cookie recipe from one of my Pinterest boards. I’ve also started making new breakfast concoctions on the weekends instead of relying on my weekday yogurt parfaits. I tried a variation of this smoothie over the weekend (used real almond butter instead of powdered peanut butter—a highly processed food—and added some spinach and cocoa.) Therefore, I’m giving myself a solid B+.

High protein oatmeal

High protein oatmeal inspired by Fannetastic Food recipe (click picture for link to recipe)

  • Travel: C

No travel plans so far, but it’s only February. It’s hard to balance the want to travel with the want and need to save money. I’m not counting out the possibility of going to NYC in the spring just yet. We’ve also chatted about going to Miami for a long weekend. We’ve never been and we may be able to stay at an extended family member’s condo. And I still have price alerts out on Kayak and Airfarewatchdog to for flights to Holland to visit friends.

  • Read more, especially instead of watching TV: C
Does reading my A&P textbook count? But seriously, that pile of books and magazines on my nightstand? Still there. And I’ve even to added to the pile, thanks to a new month’s magazine and a new book (see below)! The current book I’m reading, A Clash of Kings (aka Game of Thrones book #2), is taking me forever because it’s so long. Even though I’ve cut down on my TV watching, I’ve replaced it with internet perusing. Need to replace that with getting to some of those magazines (which I do enjoy!) instead.
Books to read

The one thing I did do was buy the journal below, which I have been using faithfully, much to my surprise! Because it’s only a few lines, it makes it easy to do at night before I pick up my book. It took care of four pins I had on that board: this, this, this, and this.

One Line a Day journal

  • Organize my life better: D+

Ugh, I am failing so far! While I have been better about getting stuff done, I still feel like there’s plenty I’m not on top of. This will definitely be a focus this month.

  • Simplify house further: B

Since we have been doing this since last year, it has become a regular habit. I still have a couple of shelves worth of mementos that I need to go through (which is the hardest to deal with, no?), but that’s the worst of it.

Shelf of mementos to deal with

  • Meet with financial advisor: F

We have not done this yet, but it is on our minds constantly. We feel like we need to go over everything together so that it will be an easier conversation.

  • Write reviews, such as for products and travel: D

I’ve been good about writing reviews for items I’ve bought going forward, but I still need to go back and do reviews from our travel last summer!


  • Take co-requisite courses for nursing school: A

Finally, an A! I’m taking A&P I right now!

  • Start nursing school: ?

Since the application is all in and they have everything they need, it’s just a waiting game right now. Keep your fingers crossed for me?

  • Get better at WordPress and blogging: C

I’ve developed a regular blogging schedule (M/W/F), but I feel I still have so much to learn! The SITS Girls introduced me to a great group of fitness bloggers that have become a great support system. I also bought the book below based on the rave reviews and need to dig into it ASAP!

Blog Inc. book

Since time doesn’t allow right now, I’m not going to worry about this one. My focus needs to be getting things done for nursing school right now.

Health and Wellness:

  • Try new physical endeavor as my body continues to heal from all of the injuries last year: B+

I haven’t signed up for any races yet since the heel is still in the recovery phase, but there is one I’m eying for April. I haven’t tried spinning yet, nor have I ventured into my gym’s pool, but I have done some kickboxing and bought this barre3 DVD set that I had on my wish list when I saw it was a Living Social deal. I love it so far and it works well with my schedule since I can’t be at the gym as much.

barre3 28 to Great package

  • Work on reducing exposure to pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and other toxins: B+

This is something I work on every day, making conscious choices about what I put in and on my body as well as what’s going on in the environment around me. I’ve nixed anything contain triclosan and am working on a series of posts about all the chemicals we encounter on a daily basis and what we can do to decrease exposure.

So, I have an overall GPA of (drumroll please!)…C! Yikes! I can do better than that! At least I’m passing? The straight-A student in me is not satisfied, though. Beware, February, I am going to dominate this month!

Whew! You still with me? I’ll try to make the next eleven a little shorter, I promise!

Questions: Where are you with your goals? Have you re-evaluated now that it’s a new month? What are you focusing on right now?

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6 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals Check-In: January

  1. Wow, and I thought I had a lot of resolutions. Haha! I’ve cut down on tv watching a ton but have also replaced a lot of that with Internet perusing. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of checking one more thing.
    Divergent is next on my reading list! I read The Happiness Project last year and I’m pretty sure she mentions my current book, Daring Greatly. I like to alternate between nonfiction and fiction.

    • I didn’t remember how many I had until I went through this again. Some are easier than others, but I may have gone overboard. They should almost be weighted differently based on importance, huh? As you point out, the reading/TV one would definitely weigh more heavily.

      I’ve heard mixed reviews on Divergent. Did you enjoy The Happiness Project? I also like to go back and forth between fiction and non-fiction, though I find myself always craving fiction at night. It helps ease me into rest by getting me to think about situations that don’t actually exist, you know? Thanks for stopping by!

      • I did like The Happiness Project. In fact, it’s probably what inspired me to finally start my blog last year after months of thinking about it.

      • Wow! If I got you to start a blog, it must be pretty inspiring! Maybe I’ll break up the GOT books and get to that one next instead!

  2. I find if I break down the goals into small baby steps it gives me a real sense of accomplishment. If I do just one thing each month towards to goal, I feel good about it. For example, for your financial advisor, even putting out feelers among friends or colleagues is a great first step.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestion! That is a fabulous idea. I know just who to contact. I definitely get overwhelmed with my goals sometimes, but you have reminded me of an essential part of them–breaking them up into smaller pieces so they’re not so overwhelming. Thank you!

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