Grateful at 31

The word that kept echoing through my mind yesterday was grateful.

As my husband wished me Happy Birthday as I walked out the door in the morning…I’m grateful to have such a wonderful, loving husband.

Birthday girl and husband

As I walked into my office to find a note on my door and my desk decorated…I’m grateful to work with such a wonderful group of people who care so much for others.

Happy birthday sign

As I looked at the oncology clinic’s daily schedule and saw we had two add-ons to the already full schedule of new consults for the day…I’m grateful I’m not the one having to find out I have cancer today.

As I received happy birthday messages throughout the day via Facebook, text, voicemail…I’m grateful I have so many loving people in my life.

Happy birthday sign running girl

As I remember that a few days ago a high school classmate who shares my birthday passed away and won’t have any more birthdays…I’m grateful just to be alive.

As I went for a chilly jog around the neighborhood after work…I’m grateful I can put one foot in front of the other and move my body.

Birthday run outside

As I showered after returning from my jog…I’m grateful for running water and the simple pleasure of a hot shower.

As WHH and I chatted with my parents in their kitchen while they put the finishing touches on my birthday dinner…I’m grateful I have such loving parents who decided to have me in the first place.

Butternut squash risotto

As I thought about all I have going on in my life with work, school, and this blog…I’m grateful to be able to learn and share my strengths and for all of you who stop by to read!

Many people adopt a word or phrase for the new year to in order to live with intention. I’ve never had a word come to me very easily until yesterday. This year, I will live with gratitude, for I have so much to be grateful for!

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9 thoughts on “Grateful at 31

  1. Great post ! Indeed, being grateful is important…. I am grateful today that I have a challenging job, that I get to travel, that I live in a big city that is so diverse, that I have a great husband and that my kids are happy and well adjusted. We sometimes need the reminder to be grateful – thank you !! And Happy birthday.

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday Stephanie! Wishing you more runs (hopefully on drier roads and trails) and good health! 🙂

  3. I am grateful that my card got to you in time even though I am now 3 days late (as usual) wishing you a Happy Birthday!! Much love, lady!

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  5. […] Not only that, but (knock on wood), my elbow is feeling fantastic! I didn’t sleep well on Friday or Saturday nights on account of the prednisone insomnia side effect, but I got a solid eight hours last night as the dose tapered down a level. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that as the dose keeps decreasing, and I come off of it, that it stays this way! It’s so good to finally feel good! #grateful […]

  6. […] is my “theme” of the year, if you will. Last year I started the year’s theme on my birthday and carried it through the year. While I will continue to live out that theme as well, I want to […]

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