Day Off

Today I’m enjoying the President’s Day holiday with WHH, getting to some items on the to-do list and tackling some reading and the lab for my A&P course. I’ll return to my regular blogging on Wednesday. In the meantime, I’ve shared some pictures from the past week below. Do you have today off? Are you doing anything special or spending it relaxing?

My bun distracting me while I’m trying to study.

Bun distracting me

In the midst of the storm.

In the midst of the storm

Found this on the couch Friday night.

Valentine's Day surprise

Backyard looking like a lumpy mattress.

Backyard lump mattress

Cozying-up while studying with homemade mocha (half coffee, half dark chocolate hot chocolate) and fuzzy blanket.

Cozying up while studying


6 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. Enjoy your day off. I need one of those, badly! That chocolate message is so cute!

  2. Have a great day ! Sometimes we just need the down time. Enjoy !

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