Friday Favorite: barre3 28 to Great Program

Happy (freezing!) Friday!

Temperature March 7 2014

As I’ve mentioned before, I purchased the barre3 28 to Great program back in late January through a Living Social deal.

Living Social Barre3 28 to Great package deal

I had actually had this on my Pinterest Wish List for about a year, and when I saw it on Living Social, I jumped at the chance to grab it for such a great price! I also knew that I’d be working out at home more for the next few months so I could devote as much time as possible to my A&P class. I had tried barre workouts at a local, non-franchised studio last year and really enjoyed it. I stopped going because my injuries made it difficult to do a lot of the moves, plus the cost in addition to my gym membership was a bit more than I was willing to pay. So I couldn’t wait to open the package when it arrived!

Barre3 28 to Great package

It comes with everything you need except for light hand weights and a surface to help you balance (a chair). I found it a bit challenging to get the ball blown up, because you essentially put the plastic straw in it to blow it up.

Barre3 core ball

I’ve since gotten it to a pretty good firmness, though I wouldn’t mind it being a bit harder. Maybe I should commission WHH to help? (That all sounds really dirty and I don’t mean it to!)

Barre3 core ball

The DVDs included with the program are:

  • barre3 Burner DVD – 40 Minutes
  • barre3 Ballet Fit DVD – 40 Minutes + Bonus 10 Min Ballet Core
  • barre3 Ballet Boot Camp DVD – 30 Minutes
  • barre3 Studio Shape DVD – 60 Minutes
  • barre3 Standing Slim DVD – 30 Minutes

The program also comes with the 28 to Great Guide (a workout and nutrition plan designed to shape your body in 28 days) and 15 days of access to barre3 Online Workouts. I bought this program with the intention of changing it up from always doing my Jillian Michaels or Sportskool On Demand workouts, not to reshape my body in 28 days, so I’d be curious to hear from anyone who has done the full program. As much as I love the workouts, there’s no way I could do only this nearly every day.

My favorite thing about these workouts is that the instructors offer so many modifications, which I have found especially handy lately with my ongoing tennis elbow. The workouts would be great for anyone dealing with an injury because instructors offer modifications and accommodations for nearly every type of issue.

I also love that the workouts are low-impact. It gives my healing plantar fasciitis a little bit of a break on days that it’s acting up, and again, would be great with someone who has any kind of injury that limits high-impact workouts. I can also see this being a great pre- and post-natal workout as there are a lot of the moves that condition the pelvic floor muscles. The moves are functionally-based and challenging without zapping all of your energy.

Sadie Lincoln

Given my loyalty to Jillian Michaels, I was surprised how much I liked Sadie Lincoln’s teaching style. She’s bubbly without being too saccharin and her prompts are spot-on. She’s always offering you a way to modify, telling you what you should be feeling and where, or how to check your form to make sure you won’t hurt yourself. I look forward to the DVDs that she’s the instructor on because I know she’ll make me feel like I don’t have to push myself if my injuries are bothering me, but to still do as much as I can. Plus, she answers Tweets!

Barre3 Sadie 28 to Great convo Barre3 Sadie running Barre3Sadie Shakes and Quakes

I haven’t tried my 15 day pass to the online classes yet because I’m saving for when (if) I get sick of the five DVDs. I looked at them, though, and there is a huge variety! I can’t recommend this workout enough for changing up your routine, injury recovery, and ease of at-home workouts. (Please note that this is not a paid review, nor was I given anything for free–I just really love this workout that I purchased with my own money!)

In other news…I started occupational therapy today for my tennis elbow. The therapist dug into my elbow and was playing around with the calcium deposit, trying to break it up. Given the amount of time I’ve been dealing with this, I’m technically in the chronic phase now, but he’s optimistic that if we can get in there and break up the deposit, while lengthening and then strengthening my muscles, I should have a full recovery. My session ended with an iontophoresis patch, which I am to keep on for 14 hours.

Iontophoresis for tennis elbow

As you can see from the +/- signs, there is self-contained battery pack in the patch. On the minus side, the therapist put a solution of dexamethasone (a corticosteroid) and on the plus side, he put salt water. Though I’m a bit hazy on the chemistry of it, my understanding is that the charge conducted via the salt water will drive the dexamethasone into my skin, like an injection without a needle. I don’t feel any change (in fact, I don’t feel anything at all), but we’ll see what happens.

I also got my arm taped up to limit my movement in order to let the tendons rest.

Taping for tennis elbow

I have two appointments next week, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some improvement!

Questions: Have you tried any new workouts lately? Have you tried barre workouts? Any injuries, new or old, you’re working around?

Please feel free to leave any additional comments or questions! Have a great weekend!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: barre3 28 to Great Program

  1. hi Stephanie,
    Still working on my flexibility coming slow, less pain.
    I’ve never tried Barre 3 work-outs, sounds cool ! Let me/us know how it is.
    Calcium Deposits, My dad battles that also, he is in pain most times.
    Ever have a Cellular Analysis done? It determines your mineral status. Supposed to be better than a blood test mineral work-up, With the blood type testing thier are more uncontrollable variables effecting results.
    I have not had the test, but would like to see my mineral work.
    Check out
    And Huge info on mineral balancing, and other dorky science stuff. 😉

    Tune-up Stay Strong,
    U Steve

    • That’s great to hear you have less pain! My mom is trying to decide right now if she wants to keep going to PT for her torn rotator cuff or just get surgery. What would you advise?

      That cellular analysis sounds interesting. I’ve wondered if I have some calcium leaching going on for whatever reason. I’m guessing I may have some in my shoulder that bothers me as well (in addition to some adhesions). I believe the theory is that if you’re not getting enough calcium in your diet, and thus not enough in your blood, that it can be pulled it from the bones. I think…

      Will definitely check out those dorky science links! Thanks for the information!

      • Hi Stephanie, Happy Day Light Savings.
        If your mother is uncomfortable I would really consider surgery. Depending on her specific diagnoses there are many variables, keep in mind if there is a tear it will not grow back to the humerus without surgical help.
        Emerson Hospital was great, and not as bad as I thought, pain wise. ( for me )
        In regard to the calcium scenario you described, I’m thinking thats more toward an extreme case deficiency. But yes your right.
        Hope this helps,
        Tune-up Stay Strong.

      • Thanks for your thoughts on surgery. I’ll let her know.

        Good to know calcium issues probably only in extreme cases! I’ve heard you can also have it from autoimmune issues, though, and I definitely have a touch of that (I have hypothyroidism).

        Happy Daylight Savings to you, too!

  2. That DVD program looks great. I’ve read really good things about her too.

  3. I love barre workouts!! Hope your arm gets better!

  4. Barre classes have not come to France yet, or at least not that I know of. I have done the Jillian Michaels DVD twice since Thursday (30 day shred) – so far so good!

    I iced my achilles after my run yesterday. Overall it felt pretty good, but icing it always helps. Good luck with your elbow and stay positive !

    • Barre is quite trendy right now, and I’m actually wondering how long it will stick around. Do you find that American fitness trends make their way to France? I didn’t see a gym the entire time we were in Paris! Granted, we were mostly in the touristy areas, but we walked around a lot, some off the beaten path, and saw not a one!

      Glad to hear you’re liking the JM DVDs!

      I need to get back to icing my foot. I definitely haven’t been as good with that. Stretching and massaging, yes, but not ice. Thanks for the good wishes! I’m trying to stay positive!

  5. […] I’m happy that I’m still headed in the right direction, slowly but surely. I’ve told myself I wouldn’t worry about how long it would take to come back and I’m following through on that promise to myself. Workouts have been mostly at home due to budgeting time for class, so no swimming or spin classes yet, but I’ve still been able to mix it up. I recently tried one of the Ballet Beautiful DVDs I’ve heard so much about. It seemed to be a more traditional ballet-type class. I personally didn’t love it and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I was looking for more instruction on form? I think I just prefer the more yoga/pilates-influenced barre workouts. […]

  6. […] Running program faithfully. I’ve also made sure to incorporate one yoga routine a week, one barre3 workout, and […]

  7. […] going well!). However, I did branch out from my regular Jillian Michaels love affair to include barre3 and more yoga than I had previously. I even felt confident enough in my elbow to get back to some […]

  8. Great review! I haven’t done barre in forever, but I used to love it. I like that you can do the moves basically anywhere. I hope your tennis elbow recovery goes well! I think I used a similar type of patch at the chiropractor’s for my lower back.

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