New Year’s Goals Check-In: March

Personal Goals

  • Try a new trend/clothing item I wouldn’t normally: N/A

I don’t need any clothes right now. We’ll see what happens as I put away our winter clothes and take out the spring/summer clothes and take an inventory. I am tempted to try Stitch Fix, though…

  • Take more pictures: B+

I’m still taking a decent amount of pictures and–even better–keeping them organized moving forward. We just made our free Shutterfly book. I’m not crazy about the quality of the book or the options, but hey, it was (mostly) free (had to pay S&H and for a few extra pages). Looking over our pictures to choose for the book made me want to go back through them more thoroughly to organize/make notes on them.

Europe vacation Shutterfly book


The plan this month is to frame a wedding picture and get albums for our proofs.

  •  Make a new menu item weekly: A-

We have been making at least one new recipe each week and I’m happy to report that they’re mostly “real” recipes, with some made-up ones thrown in there. I’m joining in on Carrots ‘n’ Cake’s April Cookbook Challenge  to break into more of that giant Bittman book. She also did a great series on shopping at WF/Trader Joe’s on a budget, which has inspired me to be better about meal planning and perhaps be able to shop at WF more!

Coconut curry peanut butter stir fry

  • Travel:A-

Excited to have more definite plans! We’re making definite plans to go to Colorado to visit my brother when he moves there this summer. We’re hoping to spend 5-7 days in the Boulder/Denver area and would love any suggestions if you’ve been there before!

A trip to the Netherlands to visit friends is looking less and less like a possibility this year. The flights are just too darn expensive for us. We will see how things look in the fall, but I wouldn’t go without WHH and he can’t take time away from school.

  • Read more, especially instead of watching TV: B+

I finally finished A Clash of Kings and am now on to A Storm of Swords (which is even longer!)! Still lots of reading for class. Moved the Blog, Inc. book to the coffee table in the living room to encourage me to read that instead of watching TV, which has been much more minimal this month.

A Sword of Storms

As you saw earlier in the month, we finished the inexpensive industrial-inspired shelves for the kitchen. We haven’t gotten to much else, but as I’ve said before, school is the priority. School, healthy eating, working out, everyday life (I include that in everyday life).

  • Simplify house further: C+

Not quite as good as last month, but we’re slowly getting there. Another bag of items off to be donated and a bunch of (empty) boxes cleared out of the basement. That dreaded closet, though…

  • Meet with financial advisor: C+

Even though we haven’t done this yet, we have a plan. Taxes were done last month, so we have more information to go on.

  • Write reviews, such as for products and travel:C+

Though I still need to go back and do reviews from our travel last summer, I’ve been really good moving forward with items I buy and things we do. So, I’ve upped my score this month.


  • Take co-requisite courses for nursing school: A+

Still on A&P I right now and signed up for A&P II for the summer. Plus, my average is now up to 95%!

Skeleton model for Anatomy and Physiology I

  • Start nursing school: ?

As I told you last month, I’m on the wait-list for Fall 2014. I’ve decided to just focus on the next few months for right now: get through A&P I&II, and start thinking about my plan for the fall in mid-summer. I still need to take microbiology (fun!), so that’s a possibility for the fall.

  • Get better at WordPress and blogging in general: B

I’m continuing to learn new things every day and further develop my voice and focus. I would like to get better at preparing my posts even more ahead of time and posting at set times on the days I post. WHH is working on the logo and new banner. I have a few exciting things going on this month: a new product review and my first guest blogger! Stay tuned…

  • As time allows, get personal training and/or nutritionist certification: N/A

Again, not a focus right now, though it is on my mind constantly. We’ll see what the fall brings. I’d love some feedback from anyone out there who is certified in either field. I’m definitely interested in doing both, especially since I strongly feel they go together.

Health and Wellness:

  • Try new physical endeavor as my body continues to heal from all of the injuries last year: A-

I’m happy that I’m still headed in the right direction, slowly but surely. I’ve told myself I wouldn’t worry about how long it would take to come back and I’m following through on that promise to myself. Workouts have been mostly at home due to budgeting time for class, so no swimming or spin classes yet, but I’ve still been able to mix it up. I recently tried one of the Ballet Beautiful DVDs I’ve heard so much about. It seemed to be a more traditional ballet-type class. I personally didn’t love it and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I was looking for more instruction on form? I think I just prefer the more yoga/pilates-influenced barre workouts.

Ballet Beautiful Body Blast DVD

I have my first race on Sunday as the running club representative from my work, though I will be walk/running it. I had a bit of a set-back with my plantar fasciitis last month, but I think it had to do more with breaking in my orthotics. I’m finally at stage 9 (yesterday’s run!) of the Return to Running program. Who knows, maybe that marathon talk wasn’t so crazy?

Outside run

In terms of my tennis elbow, occupational therapy has been going well. I’m happy to report that I’ve seen some slow improvements. I’ve been mostly staying off of my elbow (no upper body workouts or yoga poses), but I tested it out a bit last week with the ballet workout. It didn’t hurt while I was doing it, so I went ahead. It was probably a bit too much, too quickly, which resulted in it being painful for a few days, but then luckily died back down. A good sign, says the OT.

  • Work on reducing exposure to pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and other toxins: B+

We’ve been really good at making an effort to buy more natural meats, whether they’re vegetarian-fed (the cheapest of the natural meats), grass-fed, and/or organic. Whenever I see some of the meat is on sale (usually because it’s about to expire), I stock up! It’s great having it at our disposal in the freezer and I love knowing we’re reducing our exposure to all kinds of weird hormones and chemicals.

Grass fed beef on sale frozen

To recap my monthly grades so far:

January: C

February: B-

This month’s overall GPA is…  B+. Not bad, not bad at all. Going in the right direction. I’ll take it.

One thing I do want to focus on more this month as we have so much going on is making sure to take the time to slow down. Life is going by so fast and I want to just press the pause button! WHH and I had a little celebration for our 13 year anniversary (being together) and it was such a nice treat on a random weeknight: dinner out after we both worked out (and showered), followed by dessert at one of those fro-yo sundae bars I’ve never been to, then curling up on the couch to watch the phenomenal Walking Dead finale. We are usually go-go-go on weekdays (work, workout, dinner prep and eat, showers, studying, prep for next day, sleep), so it was so nice to truly enjoy the night and not feel like we had to do anything.

Whisky sour

WHH’s been on a whisky kick lately thanks to a friend from KY introducing him to the good stuff.

Questions: How are you doing with any goals you set for the year? Do you feel like life is going by too fast sometimes? What do you do to try to slow it down?


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals Check-In: March

  1. Looks like you are coming along quite well on your list ! Good for you ! Glad to know your elbow is feeling a bit better.

  2. I love how organized and thorough you are with your goals. I have no doubt by December it will be all A+!

    • Thanks! It’s a good reminder at the end/beginning of each month what I should remained focused on. It’s the first time I’ve really measured and followed through. Nothing like a blog to keep you accountable!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    First, I really need to be as organized as you are, I really admire that quality in you, ( among other qualitys ).
    I am presently working on two goals, To heal from rotator cuff surgery, ( coming along nicely thank you ) and, equally important to me. Studying to be come a personal trainer.

    Now all certification businesses ( I didn’t know ) are not created equal. I learned, the better, or should I say the more recognized, the more expensive, the more thorough, and the more extensive the requirements for certification. ( HELLO )? But, I have to say, if you want to jump in the fitness POOL, you might as well be one of the best swimmers.
    So, The material is considerable, biochemistry wasn’t easy for me, ever.

    Personal trainers know allot about fitness, and nutrition, as they should, because the way the human body works is complicated, and at the same time incredible. But the biggest PLUS is the people, I love helping people.

    So People,
    Tune-up Stay Strong,
    U Steve

    • Hi! Thanks–I think I come across as more organized than I truly am, though. I’m organized in some parts, but not all, and definitely something I want to improve on.
      So great that your healing is going well. You must be seeing progress every day. Just think of how much better you’ll be when you’re fully healed!
      That’s great you’re getting certified! I have heard that NASM is one of the top ones. Have you checked them out? Do you know which one you’re going with yet?
      Thanks for stopping by, as always!

      • Hi,
        Well I have allot of room to improve on.
        Yes progress is slow, but glad I did it.
        As for a fitness certification, I’m currently with ISSA , Everything is on line, and when you apply, you have access to there fitness database for ever and it’s extensive. Plus a question and answer board if you don’t understand some of the information.
        I did not look into NASM, but I have heard of it. Is that where your considering?
        Well good luck where ever you decide.

        U Steve,

      • Good to know. I’ve heard a lot of good things about NASM. But I’m not seriously looking at anything right now. Need to concentrate on the school work I’m already doing!

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