What’s Working Lately

Happy Monday! This weekend flew by! The weather was pretty gross here in Massachusetts-back to the 40s, rainy, and just dreary. Though it made staying in and doing homework for most of it a bit easier, I suppose. Thankfully, I was able to squeeze in another run in between showers. It threatened the whole time, but I outran the storm clouds!

April showers

As I was running, and feeling so grateful that I had made it to stage 16 relatively uneventfully, I was thinking about what’s been working for me lately to get me to this point. Of course, then I started thinking about all the things in my life that are just kind of geling, which then lead me to think about some things that aren’t. So, in true type-A fashion, I started making some lists when I got home. 🙂

What’s Working 

  • My current workout routine: This consists of running 2-3x a week using the Return to Running program faithfully. I’ve also made sure to incorporate one yoga routine a week, one barre3 workout, and strengthening.
  • Injury prevention: As I’ve been amping up the running, I’m sure to massage and do an ice rub following each outing. In addition to icing on the day of the run, I’ve also been icing my foot nearly every single night when I get in bed to read for about 10-20 min. Foam rolling 1-2 times a week, especially along the IT band and into my glutes, has helped keep my glute injury at bay.

Ice massage for plantar fasciitis

  • Running on varied surfaces: My feet really love me when I run on grass, so I make a point to have a trail run or a run along an area with grass in one of my weekly runs. I can really feel the difference and I think this has helped to keep the plantar fasciitis at bay.
  • Chipping away at homework: For the first half of the semester, I did the bulk of my homework on the weekends. Of course, this left me trying to cram a lot of information into a short time and not getting much else done on the weekends. I’ve been trying to make a point of doing one hour of homework every night. Breaking big jobs into smaller tasks is a concept I need to work on. I let myself get overwhelmed with the big picture, decide to tackle it all at once, and stress myself out unnecessarily.

Proper dissection safety

 Dissection time!

  • Getting to bed earlier: My energy has been so much better lately thanks to making an effort to getting to bed about 15-20 minutes earlier. It makes the evening shorter, but it’s so worth it!

Of course, this list leads me to consider the opposite topic…

What’s Not Working

  • My diet: I seem to be hovering a pound or two higher than my usual range the past few weeks. This wouldn’t bother me except that I feel uncomfortable and have a heaviness in my midsection. Is it true weight gain? Is it because of the time of the month? Is it irregularity? Is it the prednisone? Whatever it is, something needs to change. I’m definitely not my usual self. So I’ve decided to try to cut down my dairy intake a bit. I love my morning yogurt parfaits, but I shouldn’t have them every.single.day. I’m also going to refocus on my fruit and vegetable intake, decrease my sugar, increase my fiber, and double-check my calories as all this running has made me a bit rungry. I also ordered the RawJuvenate’s 2 Week Detox Kit through a Groupon (it includes that supergreens mix I loved from my Greatist box!). I’ll be having this for breakfast every day and am hoping it will help “reset” my system. My goal isn’t to lose weight, but be back to feeling myself.

Pumpkin, kale, and almond butter smoothie

This morning’s pumpkin, kale, & almond butter protein smoothie

  • My tennis elbow: The prednisone worked great for the first few days. I felt like a new woman! But then, even though I was still on it (two more days to go), I started feeling the tightness more and more. I’m not back to where I started, but it’s not near the result I was hoping for based on how I felt the first few days. I’m going to try some ART therapy tomorrow to see if I can loosen up the muscles before it comes back with a vengeance. If that doesn’t work, I’m going for a second opinion. I saw what life could be without the constant pain and tightness and I want that back!

On the Edge of Not Working

  • My current life pace: I feel like I’m right on the edge of being overwhelmed. I’ve been able to work everything in so far with taking class and having it fit into my life (that is, still being able to work out regularly, prepare fresh, healthy meals, keep up with the house, blog, and have a social life). But there are times when I feel like the balance could almost tip. In that case, I will need to assess what can go and what can stay because this path I’m on is important to me. Whatever is in the way of that will have to go, whether it’s changing up blogging to only twice a week, or giving up TV altogether.

That’s that for now. A bit of a mind dump, but I wanted to share what’s working for me in case there’s something there that could help you. I think it’s good to assess our day-to-day life to make sure we’re living a happy, healthy life. We only have this day, this moment, and we need to make the most of it.

Aim High graphic

Questions: What about you? What’s working for you lately? What’s not working?



11 thoughts on “What’s Working Lately

  1. Hi Stephanie, I can definitely relate. A lot of the same things working and not working for me…
    Not working : my diet. I have been eating out of stress, and way to much sugar. It immediately means bloat and a few extra pounds to my mid section. Work has been more stressful than usual. The French economy sucks and it makes every day challenging. I have also been pushing my body so my knee joints are acting up.

    What’s working : I have discovered the pool. Swimming laps has definitely added variety and I’ve gotten to like it. My mood. Despite the stress, the long days and warm weather have a positive impact on my daily outlook. Spending time with my kids has been great.

    Hang in there and good luck with your elbow and foot.

    • Ugh. Work stress can wreak havoc on every part of your life. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like the pool is a good place for you to have some time to recuperate and get off your feet. Glad you’re enjoying the lovely weather and here’s to both of us reining our diets back in!

  2. HI Stephanie,
    So, I guess it’s unanimouus that the slow season change seems to be affecting everyone.
    For me, the PT’s working but, it could be faster. Studying for my certtification is slow, but I like what I’m doing.

    (Because I fix things)……Steph, 🙂 I think because of the catabolic effect of the Prednisone, it will cause you to retain water, and maybe a little irritable too. Plus, you are asking a bit more of your body with running, and work load. Just a note too. The prednisone is going to work on your foot too,
    I know you know, because you hit it right on the head, SLEEP will help volumes. Good thinking.
    However, in the thought of science, I wouldn’t go changing allot of stuff all at once.
    “Sorry” …..sorry, I get carried away,
    You know yourself the best, I’m sure you know whats best for you.

    Extracting Foot from mouth,
    Tune-up Stay Strong,
    U Steve,

    • You’ll get there with PT. It always takes longer than we think it will. Slow and steady wins the race with studying, too. Better to take your time absorbing the information than pushing through it too quickly and not really understanding it.
      I was told that taking prednisone for such a short amount of time wouldn’t do much, but it has to have a small impact. Glad to be on my last two days and at a really low dose. You didn’t get carried away at all…I’ll take all of the help and suggestions that I can! You’re right…I need to make small changes at a time.

  3. I can definitely relate to feeling on the edge of overwhelmed… story of my life! The weather in Mass this week has been so yucky… when is it actually going to get warm and stay warm? I probably asked you this before, but is your foot pain in your heel or in your arch? I hear conflicting views on the PF pain the in arch vs. the heel… my pain is all in the heel, outer edge.. thinking of trying your icing technique!

    • Well, you’re training for a triathlon (after training for Boston!). If you’re not overwhelmed, I think you need to teach some kind of zen class!
      Seriously. When will spring be back?!
      My PF was in the center at its worst and always on the inside part of my heel, though I do get some arch discomfort as well. Since the plantar fascia runs the length of the bottom of your foot, it’s reasonable to expect pain anywhere in that area, especially since it’s usually incredibly tight. The heel is the most common, though.
      There are definitely conflicting views on icing vs. heat. As you may know, the -itis in fascitis implies inflammation. However, some in the medical community have recently discovered that there often isn’t inflammation with people who have PF. Also, plantar fascia is a connective tissue and doesn’t have the best blood supply, so the idea is that by heating (and therefore, loosening) the tissue, you can bring the healing properties of blood.
      To make a long story short: you may just need to try a few things to see what works for you, trial and error style. I tend to agree with the heat method in theory, but icing works best for me. Go figure…
      How’s it feeling post marathon?

  4. My diet is not working. I am eating healthy things, but then also eating 5+ girl scout cookies at a time. I seem to need chocolate daily, and it’s not even that time of the month. Things will hopefully improve once the girl scout cookie supply is exhausted. 🙂
    Also, wordpress is not working for me. I noticed your posts aren’t appearing in my wordpress feeder so I am going to refollow you. This has happened to me before with other people and I don’t know what. Just wanted to let you know it’s not personal!

    • I hear you. I do the same thing. Great all day, then I get “rungry” and all that I want are things that are bad for me.
      Haha, no worries! Your site is blocked at my work (I read blogs during my lunch), so I don’t get to check it out until the weekend. I hate having to open my computer when I get home on a weekday after being at it all day.

  5. […] last night, but I made sure to do my regular ice massage as well as slapping an ice pack on my foot while reading in bed. Still a bit tight today, but no pain. I need to get back to more regular use of the Foot Rubz and […]

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