Quick Tip: Let It Breathe

Okay, so this tip is mostly for the ladies, but it could apply to you gents as well. We’re about to get a little personal, but I hope you’ll stick with me because I love this tip, courtesy of a friend of mine. She told me about this about three years ago and I haven’t turned back since.

What’s one of the best things about getting into your PJs at night, ladies? Taking off our bras, right? I know not everyone does this (I’m looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw!), but I believe most women do.

Carrie Bradshaw wearing bra to bed

So then I ask you, why not your underwear as well?

Hear me out: many of us sit all day, have our legs crossed, wear underwear with synthetic fabric (great when working out, not so great after), have on tight pants (hello skinny jeans!) or tights. Think about the lack of air circulation. That’s prime breeding ground for all kinds of yucky issues we don’t want going on down there.

Woman sitting with legs crossed


Forgoing underwear may pose an issue if you sleep in only a top. Or perhaps it’s no issue at all and you don’t have a problem flying free. I personally like to have something covering my lower half. It it’s hot and I’m only wearing a tank to bed, I will put on loose cotton underwear. In the winter or months I’m not sweating like a pig, I’m usually in pants or shorts, so no problemo letting it breathe.

Bedhead eiffel tower henley pajamas

My fave new PJ set courtesy of my mom.

Of course, you may ask about what to do during “that time of the month.” Sure, I definitely wear underwear on most nights as a necessity. But as soon as I don’t need to, they come right back off.

Thankfully, I’ve never been one to have issues down there, but I do feel this has made the whole area “healthier,” if you will. If you tend to have some issues, I believe this may really help. I dare you to try it. It’s as liberating as taking off that bra at the end of the night. 🙂

Questions: I won’t get too personal and ask if you currently do this (though feel free to share if you’re comfortable),  so let me ask if you would consider doing this. Do you love getting into your PJs at the end of the day as much as I do (or is that just a dumb question, because why wouldn’t everyone)? Any health tips you’d like to share for “down there”?


6 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Let It Breathe

  1. I do sleep with underwear, although I would feel as comfortable sleeping without it, and would definitely consider it.
    I love those PJ’s, the colors and pattern are so cute.

  2. Hi Stephnie,
    I have a question for you, and maybe “Karen-Fit in France”. Kind of on your subject matter.
    Frankly I could care less what the ladies wear or not wear to bed as long as they are comfortable, There’s nothing wrong with either way.
    With that in mind, Why are Americans soooo “tight”about sex and the human body, male or female? Europeans are so much more realistic and laid-back about the human body, and sex in general.
    “What is The Big Deal”?

    Tune-up Stay Strong, (( Dressed or Not ))
    U Steve,

    • It’s funny, but I was just having this conversation with coworkers yesterday. I think it has to do with the fact that this country was founded by the Puritans. So we can blame our spouses’ ancestors for it! My ancestors are French (75%) and Irish (25%), and we know how much they like to have a good time, so you’ve got me.

  3. Is it weird but I never wear underwear, only when I am wearing pants..lol I know its weird but I like to just breathe all of the time! Great post and a MUCH needed discussion xo C

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