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Hi all! Instead of doing a Friday Favorite dedicated to a specific product, I thought I’d mix it up by sharing some great items I’ve come across lately. I love when other bloggers share their favorite random items, whether it be a thought-provoking blog post, a yummy new recipe they came across, or just a funny cartoon. Here’s to Friday!

1. This upcoming Monday is National Coffee Day! I think I’ll celebrate by having a coffee. Oh, wait, I already do that everyday regardless…Have you seen my new favorite way to have coffee on the weekend? Bulletproof coffee!

Bulletproof coffee in blender

See how frothy?!

2. Anne’s great blog post on intuitive eating, which I could definitely use a lot of improvement with.

3.  Since Tuesday was officially the start of autumn, I’ve got pumpkin on the brain. I’ve been adding pumpkin to my breakfasts in the form of yogurt parfaits, pancakes, and overnight oats (it might look like baby food, but it is oh-so-good!).

I want to incorporate pumpkin in more than just breakfast, so I have my eye on trying this pumpkin ricotta gnocchi (substituting GF flour) by Simply Recipes.

Pumpkin ricotta gnocchi

4. This list of 25 gorgeous fall hikes. There’s one near me (Mt. Osceola in NH). Is there one near you?

5. I’m adding this (everyone woman’s dream!) to my Christmas wish list: dress yoga pants! They come in bootcut, straight, and legging. And don’t worry, men. You can get in on this comfy dress clothes trend, too with these dress pant sweatpants.

Betabrand yoga dress pants

I’ll leave you with that thought of comfy clothes, because that’s what the weekend is all about.

Questions: Do you eat mindfully or are you usually doing something while you’re eating? Are you obsessing about pumpkin everything right now? Would you wear dress pant sweatpants? What are you loving lately?


  1. I do not like pumpkin! This time of the year is the worst food wise. Pumpkin is in everything and I do not like fall beers. I do enjoy peppermint mochas in winter though. 🙂

    • Haha, oh, I’m sorry, Nora! What about other squashes or apple? I feel like those are the other popular flavors in the fall.
      Yes, you have peppermint, gingerbread, and eggnog flavors to look forward to in the winter! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey Steph! That’s sooo cool you use bulletproof coffee!! I listen to his podcasts and am a huge fan!

    I’m a mindful eater–I LOVE food, and I LOOVE tasting it! So I eat slowly and totally enjoy the taste. Works out for me pretty well!

    • Hi Kirtley! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I’m already dreaming of my coffee tomorrow morning. Do you do it as well?
      That’s great that you’re a mindful eater. I’m working on it, but I often get distracted. I eat two meals at my desk at work (breakfast and lunch), so it’s hard to just sit there and do nothing by eat. Maybe I need to get comfortable with being a bit uncomfortable. 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi! Just came across your blog and love it–I’m also a fan of fitness, wellness, and a whole-istic view of health! And I am dying for a pair (or several) of those yoga work pants 😀

    • Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by! I need some new pants for work so maybe I’ll convince myself to check them out…
      I just checked out your site and am a big fan already! Thanks for connecting!

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