Life in Pictures Link Up #1

Happy Friday! I was asked by Linda at Fit Fed and Happy to participate in her Life in Picture Link Up. I was happy to join in because I can definitely be wordy at times and this particular day’s pictures say it all!

What is “Life In Pictures”?

Take as many pictures as you want throughout the week or day to recount the things you did avoiding as much text as possible. Your job is to guess what happened! For more info, click here. 
Fit Fed and Happy
Tuesday, 1/27:
Blizzard morning
Blizzard Juno
Blizzard Juno
Blizzard Juno
Squash and black bean chili
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Bookplate signature
Chocolate peanut butter dessert
Snow at door
Blizzard snow drifts at windows
Blizzard snow covering stairs
Blizzard Juno at night
Questions: Do you like telling stories differently? Were you in the blizzard’s path? Are you hoping a particular team wins the Superbowl? (Go Pats!)

10 thoughts on “Life in Pictures Link Up #1

  1. I live outside of Boston and got slammed by the blizzard! It was fun! I’m not really rooting for either team, although if the Patriots win that’d be cool!

  2. I’m SO jealous of all the snow!! I grew up in Finland and am now in the Southern hemisphere, so any sight of snow makes me super homesick. I guess it’s not such a treat actually being snowed in by a blizzard, but there’s nothing better than wading waist-deep through white fluff – everything feels like an adventure in such weather 😀 😀 #linkup

    • Thanks for stopping by, Margaux! Funny-I was just recently doing some research on Finland for a potential summer vacation! The now is gorgeous and we didn’t lose power, so it was all good. The only problem is that we got more today, are getting more tomorrow, and have another storm coming on Monday! The streets are already narrow enough and I can’t see around corners, so I can’t imagine where all of this snow is going to go. Enjoy the warm weather for me!

  3. Cool idea! A picture’s worth a thousand words anyway, right? I love Shel Silverstein poems

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