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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Stephanie, Thanks for sharing your story. I hope many will have the opportunity to see your blog as I know it will help so many who struggle with eating issues and don’t know where to turn or are too embarrassed. Your courage, talents, and enthusiasm for learning and life have all contributed to the amazing, beautiful woman you are today. We’re so proud of you! Love, Carol

  2. Hello. I’ve just found your blog and read it several times. Im desperate. I’ve had some pain and stiffness and blown up tendon as you said off and on in non dominant elbow for about six weeks and previous to this had pain and cortisone shot that wore off after three months. Pt is massaging and stretching and yet only relief is less pain. I’m ready to throw towel in. Just rehabbed ankle after fracture and doing beautifully and now this ! Can you tell me where your pt is Im 67 and live in Southern California. Am I too old to even expect to heal ? In good shap otherwise . Do aerobic exercises and hike and love biking and snow shoeing but am thinking I should go to an assisted living for remainder of my life. Have you any advice. Gonna try third acupuncture person tomorrow. Thanks. Tina Schaefer.

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